5 ways to save colors of brand new Pure Cotton Dress Material or Salwar Suit

Hi! Have you ever come across a situation, where you purchase a brand new dress material or salwar kameez in pure Cotton fabric and see a horrible color fading in the “First Wash”? If yes, let us help you to understand why it happens and how can you stop that. Let’s check the details:


Why colors fade in Pure Cotton?

Cotton is a naturally growing fiber with soft and fluffy nature. Apparels are named as “Pure Cotton” only when no other synthetic or artificial factory made fiber is mixed with Cotton. Now, if the apparels are made up only of cotton fibers, they tend to soak and lose the color dying. Even when a fabric is well processed while manufacturing, it’s thick and soft fibers causes the color fading, especially in an everyday washing process. Generally, apparel manufacturers add Rayon, Silk or Polymer fiber with pure Cotton to avoid color fading. But there’s no match for apparels made up of cotton & khadi fabric in comfort and soothing experience.

How to Stop Color Fading in Pure Cotton Salwar Suits or Dress Materials?

Now as we know the root cause of color fade in cotton fabric, let’s see all the options that can save us from it:

    1. Salt Water Soaking: Soaking cotton apparels in high-density salt water can lock the color dying ink on cotton fiber strongly. Try to soak your new dress material in a salted water bucket for a full night and dry it out next morning in fresh Sunlight. This is a home remedy to stop color fading on cotton cloths.trendofania-soaking-cotton-cloth-in-salt-water
    2. Dry Clean as First Wash: Give your brand new apparel a “First Wash” as Dry Clean. This idea always works. Basically dry clean is nothing but a fabric friendly chemical wash. Doing this will lock the colors on soft cotton fibers and it can give you the best durable colors on your apparels. Please note that you don’t have to dry clean each time while washing cotton dress. It’s just for the first time to let the colors fasten and lock on the fabric. This is highly effective and recommended by every cotton fabric vendor or supplier.trendofania-lock-colors-on-cotton-with-dry-clean
    3. Use Vinegar: This is the second home remedy that can be super useful to save your salwar suit from color fading. While washing the salwar kameez normally, make sure you have warm water (not boiled or hot) to wash and add 1-2 tablespoon of Vinegar in a bucket of water or washer. Washing cotton apparels with Vinegar can lock the colors and make them stick strong on the cotton fibers.trendofania-use-vinegar-to-lock-colors-on-cotton-dress-materials
    4. Use extra cold water in Normal Wash: Generally, cotton fabric loses more color amount while washed in warm water without salt or vinegar as compared to cold water. In this case, we would highly recommend using extra cold water (not chilled) to wash your cotton apparels like Salwar Suits or Dress Materials to make the colors more durable.trendofania-cold-water-wash-for-salwar-suits-dressmaterials
    5. Avoid Dryer Machine or Direct Sunlight to Dry Cotton: This might be a little hard one for you, but it’s fact! Dry Machine is no good for Pure Cotton Fibers. Having soft and fluffy nature, cotton fibers get stretched out while rotating on high-speed dryers. This causes a lower strength of holding colors and stitches. Off-course, this happens gradually and not in a single wash but it’s always recommended to dry cotton suits or dress with a traditional method by hanging on frontyard / backyard drying stings. Additionally, avoid drying Pure Cotton apparels in strong and direct Sunlight. Avoid dryer will also save your embroidery patches on cotton dresses.


We hope you found these details super useful for your color fading problems. If you’re a Reseller of Cotton Dresses, try to educate your customers about these 5 points.


Have a Happy Shopping!